You're SO RUDE!
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Have you ever wanted to tell
   Someone how RUDE they really are?
People can be so RUDE:

•Failing to return phone calls or emails
•Using nasty tone of voice
•Making you wait
•Providing poor service
•Being late
•Scooping your parking spot
•Chewing with their mouths open
•Having bad breath or body odour
•Dressing inappropriately
•Gesturing rudely while driving
•Leaving a mess
•Taking up more than their fair share of space 

And/or generally offending you in any way by failing to follow what most of us understand to be the expected rules for social conduct, the list goes on and on and on...
If there is someone at your workplace, in your neighbourhood or maybe in your family who has behaved rudely and you want to tell him/her but just don’t know how, we can help! 

The Etiquette Patrol at You're So Rude is a team of leading civility and social intelligence experts who will politely address rude behavior on your behalf. 

Our approach is always to give people the benefit of the doubt; to assume people are good and that when they behave badly it is because they simply don’t know any better, because they have adopted a bad habit, or because they have had a momentary lapse of judgment. 

We won’t insult, belittle, or deliberately embarrass anyone, and we won’t post their name (or yours) anywhere.  All requests are held in the strictest confidence and unless you tell him/her, or pass on a copy of a bcc (blind carbon copy) message – should you request one, the recipient will never know the YOU'RE SO RUDE request came from you. Get the FREE App Here!

We will send out the message, confidentially, privately and on your anonymous behalf!

​We also know that sending messages of this sort would lose their immediate impact unless sent within minutes of the occurance which is why our brand new App is now available on iTunes and is absolutely FREE! 

But wait there's more...

We know that there aren't just RUDE people at work, in our communities and all around us in general! There are individuals that deserve recognition for being POLITE as well which is why we invite you to jump over and visit our
Get the You're So RUDE App!
sister site... You're So POLITE to learn how you can start sending out anonymous "polite" messages and random acts of graciousness today! And guess what...There's An App For That TooGet It!
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